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Ultra Fine Bubbles

The Alab Micro-Fine Bubble Diffusers produce tiny bubbles which provide rapid gas transfer for use with air or oxygen in applications such as municipal potable and waste water treatment, and in aquaculture aeration. Micro-fine bubbles are also useful in flotation separation applications where particles suspended a liquid attach to the bubbles and are lifted to the surface.

This revolutionary patented low cost diffuser operates at a very low pressure and prevents the pores from clogging in two ways; The first way is that the diffuser resists reverse flow of the liquid into the diffuser when the gas supply is turned off. The second way that the diffuser resists clogging is that the pores are flexible. The flat diffuser surface also helps to maintain the efficiency by reducing coalescence of the bubbles as they leave the surface. Domed and tubular diffusers cause the bubbles to coalesce meaning they bump into and merge with one another creating larger bubbles.

Dense FishHigh density aquaculture requires an efficient and reliable method of oxygenating the water. When used with oxygen as the feed gas the Alab Micro-Fine Bubble Diffuser is exceptionally efficient at dissolving oxygen in water at depthsFish Farming as little as three feet (1 m). This is accomplished with-out any additional power. The diffusers operate at a 1-4 psi (6.9 - 27.6 kPa) diffuser surface pressure drop also known as Dynamic Wet Pressure (DWP). This is sufficiently low that the pressurized oxygen supply with a regulator will provide the power to operate the entire system.

Aeration TankThe rapid gas transfer is useful in supporting biological reactors such as those used in wastewater treatment plants. Supplying the oxygen to activated sludge reactors is the largest energy consumer in the activated sludge process. Any reduction in energy consumption can result in significant savings in cost of plant operation.

Diffuser in Operation
One Square Foot New Technology Fine Bubble Diffuser
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The goal in obtaining higher efficiencies for aeration or oxygenation of municipal water, wastewater or aquaculture tanks and ponds, is to reduce the gas flow and pressure so that less pumping energy is needed. With Alab diffusers, the required gas low can be reduced because smaller bubbles have a larger surface area than the same volume of gas in larger bubbles. The larger surface area means that the gas dissolves faster in the liquid. The pressure drop through Alab Micro-fine bubble diffusers is approximately 1-2 PSI. This is much lower than competitive fine bubble diffusers that typically require 30 PSI produced by more expensive pumps with greater electric consumption.

Another benefit of small bubbles is that they rise more slowly in the liquid than larger bubbles. This is due to an increase in the friction ratio of gas to liquid. The term friction is used because it is easier to visualize the slower rising bubble slowed by friction. For an example picture one large bubble about one inch in diameter. Imagine how fast that single bubble would rise through a body of water. Now contrast that single large bubble with thousands of bubbles about one half millimeter in diameter released into the same body of water at the same time and depth. These tiny bubbles resemble smoke as they rise. The multitude of smaller bubbles would reach the surface much later than the large single bubble. This increase in friction with the liquid means that the gas bubbles can drag more liquid along as it rises therefore creating greater lift per volume of gas.

Click here to view a short clip of a standard ceramic stone diffuser to the left of an Alab, LLC Fine Bubble Diffuser.

The technology behind the diffuser is protected by several patents.
US-5,422,043 & US-5,858,283
GB-2319189, FR-2755877 and other pending applications

Standard Size Diffusers

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12x12One foot square configuration. This standard diffuser is available with a female 3/4" npt (US) fitting which needs to be supported and held in place by the plumbing connection, Model 12x12s is in stock and ready to ship. Click here for more info.

2.5x12Now Available a 2.5" x 12" x 1/2" thick diffuser with a 1/8" ID tubing connection at one end, this diffuser will sink in water and stay in place at the end of the supply tubing. Specifically designed for the aquaculture market. Click here for more info.

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