Alab, LLC

About Alab, LLC

Dr. Alan Burris Alab is an R & D company focused on inventing small appliances which use ozone. It is a private company founded and owned by its president, Dr. W. Alan Burris.

Dr. Burris has a Ph.D. degree in chemistry, Phi Beta Kappa, and has done post-doctoral research at the University of Paris, France with a Fulbright Fellowship. He was previously employed in research and business management by large chemical companies. He has received 17 U.S. patents and was named Inventor of the year by the Rochester, NY Patent Lawyers Association.

Ozone has been used for more than 100 years for large applications such as municipal treatment of drinking water for disinfection and taste improvement, and production of all bottled water. Since the beginning of large scale commercial use of ozone, many companies and inventors have unsuccessfully tried to develop practical small ozone appliances, especially for water purification in homes. The main problem has been trying to economically scale down by a factor of hundreds to thousands, ozone technology that has been designed for large applications.

Commercial Ozone Generator Contact Lens Sanitizer
BEFORE - San Francisco Municipal Ozone Water Treatment Plant AFTER – Ozone Contact Lens Sanitizer System

By starting from small applications and working up rather than starting from large applications and trying to work down, Alab has succeeded where all others have failed. Alab has invented and patented "QuickPure™ technology" which makes possible low-cost user-friendly small ozone appliances. The business model of Alab is to invent, build working prototypes, test and patent products based on QuickPure™ technology, and to commercialize these products by licensing, joint venture or start-ups. Alab Fine Bubble Diffusers for municipal wastewater treatment, aquaculture, aeration etc. is a new product line developed as an unexpected offshoot from ozone research. Alab is seeking manufacturers, distributors, partners and investors to aid in commercializing QuickPure™ Technologies and Alab Diffuser products. If you can help, please let us know. Email us at